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Billie Eilish Meets Crush Justin Bieber At Coachella

Billie Eilish Meets Crush Justin Bieber At Coachella

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Duration: 2:46

Date: April 15, 2019

Billie Eilish Video Reaction To Hugging Justin Bieber At Coachella
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Amy Cassandra Martinez

It looks like this weekend was extra special for our fave Billie Eilish and we’re not crying, you are. Today we’re talking about the momentous and life-changing moment that occurred to Billie Eilish this weekend.


Just earlier this month, Billie went on Ellen. When Ellen asked Billie if Justin Bieber had just followed her on Instagram her face looked like this and honestly, it’s the sweetest thing ever. Back in November, Billie went on The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ in LA and gushed about her love for Justin Bieber. When she was 12, she wasn’t a fan of him. She said that was the first person she was in love with. In her head, he was in love with her. She would cry because she couldn’t be with him.

She did say that she was extremely happy for Justin and Hailey but it’s kind of one of those things that we can totally relate to, you know, we’ve all been there girl. But we haven’t all been in the position of MEETING THAT PERSON AT COACHELLA.

Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber officially met this past weekend and this video was captured. And there’s more, Justin posted a picture of the two on his IG stories writing: “So this happened...Long and bright future ahead of you.”

So I want to know from you guys! Who would be that person that if you met them, you’d react just like Billie! Who was that person when you were younger?